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Through 17 years of continuous exploration in Brazil, I've had the privilege of uncovering the perfect place to not just visit, but to truly live in. Brazil, with its vastness and initial intimidation, demands time to fully comprehend and appreciate. My journey has taken me from the southern tip to the northern reaches, allowing me to acquaint myself with countless cities and diverse coastlines. Ultimately, I've found my sanctuary in Pernambuco state, a region that stands as one of the most authentic and unspoiled corners of Brazil. This immense and awe-inspiring nation can be overwhelming for first-time travelers. My advice: take it slow. Don't burden your itinerary with an exhaustive checklist. Instead, immerse yourself in one corner of this vast country, absorb its rich culture, and allow time for genuine experiences to unfold. Contrary to the belief that cramming more destinations into your vacation will make it better. You'll understand why returning to Brazil becomes an irresistible yearning, a love that lures you back time and time again.


Nestled in the northeastern region of Brazil, Recife and its surrounding metropolitan area feature prominent hospitals and universities. This vibrant city boasts a tropical climate and is a world of sprawling, city skyscrapers combined with a small and intriguing colonial center. It is a fusion of historic churches, modern high-rises, and thriving markets that come together to create a vibrant and cultural feel. What’s more, Recife’s impressive coastal landscape offers lovely beach time with sandy Pina Beach offering warm, emerald waters, while gorgeous, wide beaches can be found in the chilled-out southern town of Porto de Galinhas. Recife is the capital of the state of Pernambuco and home to numerous leafy suburbs. These pleasant neighborhoods offer an alternative to the bustling city center, with interesting museums and laid-back parks waiting to be explored.

​As the easternmost major metropolitan area in South America, Recife has the distinction of seeing the sunrise hours before any other cities on the continent. In fact, Recife is actually closer to Dakar, Senegal than it is to Brazil's own western border with Peru! Serving as the capital of Pernambuco, Recife offers a unique advantage—tourists are not herded in large crowds like in Rio or Sao Paulo, allowing visitors to bask in the genuine warmth of local hospitality. An ideal Brazilian adventure seamlessly merges urban exploration with a tranquil beach retreat, and Recife serves as the perfect gateway to both experiences. Here, you can savor the bustling rhythms of city life while also indulging in the serenity of pristine beaches, all within reach.

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